There's an infamous youtube video of Richard Dawkins debating Wendy Wright (a creationist) which is at times quite frustrating to watch. At one point she demands to know why Dawkins cares if someone believes in evolution. 

"Because I care about what's true." 

Drop the mic. 

We could imagine that if Jiggs had a higher degree of consciousness, the world really would look designed for him. Jiggs, however, eats trash. Thankfully, unlike this adorable Norwich terrier modern humans have brains which are able to understand natural phenomena (like the origin of species) at a level far deeper than mere appearances. You're that modern human. It's beautiful. 

Authors I would suggest reading if you want to get pumped about evolution: Jerry Coyne; Richard Dawkins; Chris Stringer; Steven Pinker (Steven Pinker has, what I think to be, one of the cleanest overviews of what evolution by natural selection is in a discussion on which you can read here:

Starring: Jiggs (2005 - 2016)