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Steve Gerben likes to trick you into learning information and thinking about shit that matters by way of humor. I don’t always like to learn about societal issues impacting the world around me, but when I do, I like to snort laugh and pee a little.
— Natalie Kelly
Steve is hands-down one of my favorite comedians. Every time I booked him, he killed. Always funny, interesting and real. His talent for relaying complex storylines in a digestible and whimsical way is refreshing and original.
— Imri Jonas Merritt
Steve Gerben is probably the smartest person I know (and you know).
— Nicole Yates
Steve Gerben is incredible and you can see for yourself by watching this important talk on Saudi Arabia he held at Philly Improv Theater (PHIT).
Huge props and thanks to Steve, John McKeever & Chris O’Connor for all the work put into this hilarious & beautiful presentation.
— Brian Kelly
Anything by Steve Gerben is always worth seeing. His talent is unique. His shows are very entertaining, and very funny, in spite of being very educational and informative.
— Pat O'Keefe
Informative and immensely entertaining talk about Saudi Arabia. Can’t recommend it enough. Just watch it. Amazing job... Not appropriate for those inflicted with overly delicate dispositions.
— Ahmed Karim